Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dots on a Palm in Palmistry

To know the dots on a palm in palmistry, correct knowledge is essential. Interested people can take a short term course to learn various aspects involved in palmistry. Besides this, assistance of an expert palmist also proves helpful.

Palmistry involves characterization of lots of geometrical figures present on a palm which is popularly utilized for the purpose of foretelling. Also known as ‘chiromancy’, study of palm involves correct interpretations of various lines, geometric structures and dots present on the palm of an individual.

How to Interpret the Meaning of Dots on a Palm?

In palmistry, dots on a palm are studied to denote their meaning which is relevant for various happenings in the life of an individual. Its proper interpretation helps a person to get an idea about the past and to predict about the future.

·        Usually, dots are full stops that signify a sort of distinct disturbance in the energy flow. Traditionally, presence of dots indicates a sign of crisis that represent the occurrence of certain significant events.

·        If present on the life line, dots indicate an unexpected defeat in the life of the person by means of retrenchment, breakdown, downgrading, etc. Besides this, presence of a dot on the life line also means severe illness or an accident wherein presence of a black dot at the end of the life line interprets sudden death.
·        Presence of dots on the head line represent intellectual crisis while presence of dots on the heart line means emotional crisis.

·        Presence of a white dot on the heart line means success in love related matters.  


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