Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Palmistry Marriage Line, Marriage Line

Marriage L
  Marriage line goes cross ways to the margin of the palm initiating under the little finger or the finger of Mercury. As per palmistry, marriage lines show romances or marriages in a person’s life on the foundation of how many lines are there in his hands. It also depends how evidently they are noticeable and is also known as love line.
          Marriage line is positioned on the mount of mercury. These lines come from the rim of the palm and move towards the mount of mercury. In some hands, there are three to four such lines, but it doesn’t mean that the person would marry that many times. The line which is deep and different from all these lines is known as the marriage line.
In palmistry, it has also been seen quite a few times that a person remains unmarried for all of his/her life in spite of the existence of the marriage line on the hand. The major reason for this is that if there is any type of cross on the marriage line, it could be said that his/her engagement would be broken and the person won’t get married ever.
           The main exclusivity of this line as per palmistry marriage line depends on the length of these lines. For e.g. longer marriage line denotes that the relationship would be longer. Secondly, if the marriage line leans towards the heart line then it indicates the demise of the partner. Further, a stable incline towards the heart line indicates the death of the partner after continuing illness.
             If the line of marriage is twisting upwards, then it indicates that the person could stay single. Palmistry lines also state that the closeness of the marriage line to the heart line shows the marriage age of a person which means that the person would marry at a young age


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